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CONCENTRATION is the result of a collaborative venture between MACE Media and Terpenes and Testing Magazine. The two related companies have joined forces to create a new trade event that brings the many diverse segments of specialty cannabis extraction and analytical testing together to meet the challenges of providing safe and reliable cannabis products to a changing marketplace and an expanding world.

The partners have complementary strengths. MACE Media is the top media and information company serving health and scientific cannabis markets, with decades of leadership, unsurpassed expertise and a global reach. Terpenes and Testing Magazine has a track record of creating award-winning, world-class content that provide unique experiences and value. Together, the companies are committed to creating a truly compelling event that convenes and engages industry leaders, provides focused content, and works to advance the business of cannabis extraction and analytical science throughout the world.

MACE Media, the leading media resource for health and scientific cannabis platforms, produces a broad range of publications, digital content, printed materials and business aids, with brands recognized worldwide.

CONCENTRATION 2019: a Cannabis Extraction Conference

CONCENTRATION benefits from the expertise, leadership and support from the progressive leaders of many of the exemplary cannabis extraction facilities and analytical testing labs.

John MacKay
Synergistic Technologies Associates

AC Braddock
Eden Labs

Jerry King
International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids

Joshua Jones
Jonesing Labs, LLC

Blake Grauerholz
Extraction Manager

Andy Joseph
Apeks Supercritical
President and CEO

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