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At the center of this breakthrough new event is a novel conference program, carefully designed by our seasoned VP of Program Management, Adam Headley, to provide the precise and timely information needed by cannabis extractors and analytical scientists as they consider innovative ways to evolve their operations of extraction and their analytical laboratory environments. Combining keynotes, classroom sessions, interactive workshops, round tables and peer discussion groups, the conference provides focused content in all the key extraction and analytical science arenas — extraction equipment, solvent purging, best practices for generating clean cannabis concentrates, analytical instrumentation, and ensuring compliance in an ever-changing regulatory ecosystem. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to consult with cannabis extraction experts, gain insights from top cannabis scientists and lay the groundwork for your business’s success—during two concentrated days of learning, collaboration and information exchange. Put it on your calendar now.

KEYNOTES: Gain new perspectives from cannabis extraction and analytical science thought leaders.

CONFERENCE TRACKS: Increase your knowledge in the areas critical to your success.


THE VAST GALAXY OF CANNABIS CONCENTRATES: Snap n’ Pull, Pie Crust, Terp Sauce… these are just three of the many terms used for different cannabis concentrates. In this track, educate yourself on what these various names signify: what is the product, how is it made, what is it’s chemistry, and how should it be ingested.

EXTRACTION SOLUTIONS: There are various ways to make a cannabis concentrate. Nearly everyone has an opinion regarding the best. This track will shed light on the reality behind different techniques, offering the pros, the cons, and what products these methods work best for.

NOVEL FORMULATIONS: The cannabis industry is no longer just about THC, or even CBD. As more of the plant’s secrets are unveiled, the interest in minor cannabinoids is becoming more meaningful. So is the addition of terpenes back into concentrates to provide enhanced entourage effects. Learn about how businesses are obtaining these minor cannabinoids, how researchers are investigating the medical power of different combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes, and what medical benefits have been proven for different cannabinoids, terpenes, or their union.

CLEAN CANNABIS CONCENTRATES: As concentrates overtake much of the cannabis market, it is no longer necessary to send only the waste to the extractor. As more people turn to cannabis, it has become increasingly important that extractors obtain quality cannabis flower and other plant matter for creating high-quality, clean products. This track will also provide discourse on effective ways for cleaning up concentrates after the extraction. Join in the conversation regarding keeping products safe.

ENSURING REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: With each state seemingly implementing varied and evolving regulations, it is paramount that cannabis extractors and analytical scientists understand what’s expected of them, how to ensure their business is in compliance, and how to remain compliant. Safeguard your business by attending this track.

LABOR MANAGEMENT: Robotics and Automation—As the labor situation worsens, cannabis labs are looking to robotics and automation. This track examines real-world applications of tomorrow’s technology in analytical lab and research settings.

ACCURATE ANALYTICS: Network with other analytical scientists who are diligently paving the path to laboratory standardization. Best practices, ways to increase analytical throughput, and new technology will also be explored in this track.

STARING INTO THE FUTURE: The cannabis industry has seemingly gone through a wormhole. In just a few short years, the dedication of the many farmers, extraction artists, scientists, equipment and instrumentation manufacturers, etc., have enabled us Earthlings to boldly go further, together. But what does the future hold? A market dominated by a currently minor or even unknown cannabinoids? Robots replacing researchers? Exponential knowledge of ailments that cannabis’s constituents can treat? Come gaze into the crystal ball.

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