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Job Title: Technical/Scientific Writer Company: Vitalis Extraction Technology Location: Website: Linkedin:,

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer Company: Librede Specialization:  Biotechnology, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology Location: San Diego, CA USA Website: Linkedin: Favorite Quote: “Some men see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not. Biography: Dr. Jason Poulos is CEO of Librede Inc., a Carlsbad based biotechnology

Job Title:  Senior Content Manager, Managing Editor Company: Weed Maps, Location: Orange County, CA Website:, Linkedin:

Job Title: Freelance Writer Company: High Times, Merry Jane, Sensi, HEMP Specialization: Journalism Location: San Diego Website: Linkedin: Biography: A.J. is a freelance writer covering cannabis and hemp news, business, and culture. His work has been published by High Times, HEMP, Merry Jane, Sensi, and others.

Job Title: CEO / CoFounder Company: Cali Style Technologies  LLC Specialization: CBD eCommerce / Turn Key eCommerce Solution for Startup and Growth Stage companies Location: San Diego, CA, USA Website: Linkedin: Favorite Quote: “It’s better to have known me and not need me, than need me and not know me at all.” Biography: Specializing in

Job Title: Marijuana Reference Laboratory Lead Scientist Company: CDPHE Marijuana Reference Laboratory Specialization: Chemistry, Microbiology, Regulation/Compliance Location: Denver Website: Linkedin: Biography: Julia began her career in the cannabis industry in 2015 at Gobi Labs, one of the first cannabis testing facilities to open in Colorado. She then transitioned to the Colorado Department of Public Health

Job Title: Rosin Press Company: Sasquash Rosin Press Location: Temecula, CA Website: Instagram: sasquash_rosinpress Biography: Established in 2016 Support The Roots LLC. has been the leading manufacturer in the rosin press industry. We thrive for quality products and the highest yields possible.Support The Roots LLC. is a growing, well-established business based in Southern California with a

Job Title: R&D-Consultant Company: CFS Specialization: Chemical and Process Engineering, Extraction Location: Fayetteville, AR Website: Biography: Dr. King has over 50 years of experience in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering and food technology. He has worked in government, industrial, academic and consulting environments. Dr. King has published over 265 documents, including government reports and

Job Title: Vice President of Manufacturing Company: Unified Natural Product Solutions, Inc. Specialization: Extraction and Engineering Location: Anaheim, California, USA Website: Linkedin: Biography: Erika, a UC Berkeley Chemical Engineering graduate, entered the cannabis industry in 2017. She’s worked as a process engineer, product development engineer, and an R&D lead at a California premium cannabis vape