Darwin Millard

Favorite Quote:
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi
Darwin Millard specializes in mechanical and solvent-based extraction methodologies for isolating highly volatile terpenophenolic secondary metabolites from botanicals. He has spent the last 12 years focusing on the extraction and manufacture of nutraceutical products comprising of phytocannabinoids and other bioactive constituents from the cannabis plant. Currently a partner at Millard Masonek Solutions, he works with clients to design and implement cost-effective built-for-purpose phytocannabinoid processing solutions for every scale of operations. Darwin has designed some of the largest phytocannabinoid processing facilities in the United States, with processing capacities in excess of 10 metric tonnes per day and production capabilities of nearly 10 metric tonnes of isolated CBD per month, and is currently working on several large scale processing operations around the world.
Speaking Events:
1st Annual Cannabis Creative Conference – Learning from ColoradoIndian Industrial Hemp Association’s 2nd Annual International Conference – Update from the United States

HIACON 2017 – Extraction 101 & Phytocannabinoid Policy Panel

1st D37 EU Workshop on Cannabis/hemp – Commoditization of Cannabis

MJBIZCON 2017 – Business of Hemp Forum, International Affairs Panel

University of Virginia – Immerging Markets Symposium, ASTM D37

European Industrial Hemp Association’s 15th Annual International Conference, June, 6th 2018, Koln, Germany – Update from ASTM D37

HIACON 2018 – ASTM International’s D37 – Cannabis Standards and Hemp & Extraction Update

MJBIZCON 2018 – How to Accurately Formulate a Cost of Goods Calculation

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, 20th Annual Regional Conference – Cannabis Seed and Fiber Standards

2nd D37 EU Workshop on Cannabis/hemp – Foundational Standards – The Terminology Debate

Video Shoots:
Green Flower Media
Series: Cannabis Extraction
Episode: Extraction 101
Length: 15 minutes
Topic: Fundamentals of extraction and a review of extraction methods, solvents, and the future of extraction.

Episode: How to make CO2 work for you
Length: 15 minutes
Topic: Discussion of the guiding principals behind CO2 extraction, the differences between supercritical and subcritical extraction, and important process parameters.

Episode: Winterization 101
Length: 15 minutes
Topic: Revealing the mystery behind winterization, the difference between winterization and dewaxing, and how to perform this seemingly simple process.

Episode: Refinement 101
Length: 15 minutes
Topic: Goes over the purpose of refinement, the various refinement methods, and their differences.

Episode: Distillation 101
Length: 15 minutes
Topic: Breakdown of the core concepts behind distillation, overview of the different distillation methods, and the practical application toward cannabis extracts.