Joseph Resnick, Ph.D.

Job Title: Director of Nano-Biotechnology
Company: RMANNCO, Inc.
Specialization: Microencapsulation Protocols for Nano-Pico Delivery Systems
Location: Lenoir, NC USA

Dr. Joseph A Resnick is presently seated as an Associate Professor of Ecotoxicology in the Department of Biological Science at the Washington State University in Puyallup, WA. Prior to that position Dr. Joseph A. Resnick recently held the Chair as the Principal Research Fellow (IBM Fellowship) at the University of Malaysia Terengganu, Institute of Marine Biotechnology, Terengganu, Malaysia where he had oversight of five research projects (2014 ~ 2016). He earned the Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the Union Institute and University based on his research and collaboration oration with NASA to develop new environmentally-friendly products that use beeswax to cleanup oil spills. That work led to development and commercialization of an arsenal of eco-friendly sustainable oil spill cleanup products, e.g., BioBoom, BioSOK and PRP resulting in his induction into NASA’s Spinoff Hall of Fame in 1996. After a fifteen-year stint as Chief Scientist for a multi-national company involved with large-scale bioremediation projects, he decided to return to academia and continue his research focusing on the characterization of beeswax and biopolymers produced by the Apis Melifera and Apis Melipona with these terpines being used to create next-generation, faster-working oil spill mitigation processes. Presently his work is dedicated to developing new, low-toxicity integrated pest management products/methods designed to protect honeybees from infestation by trachea and varroa mites and to aid in circumvention of colony collapse disorder in honeybee populations worldwide. His other research includes development of invasive species eradication technologies using CRISPR Cas-9 genetic snippets and CBD extracts (and terpenes) to transfect the bysus muscle in zebra and quagga mussels that have invaded 29 of the lower 48 states in the continental USA.

Professor Joseph A. Resnick, Ph.D. possesses lateral skill sets in biology; anatomy and physiology; medicine; electrical/mechanical engineering; robotics design; earth and space health systems-component design; defense security logistics/programs; low observable technologies ; global/space communication systems architectures engineering for Military/Homeland strategic defense; Education: Ee.; Me; B.A.(Ae); M.A.G.; Ph.D.: Instructor: University of Pgh.; Penn State Univ.; Westmoreland Co. Tech Center; Vermont College; Western PA School for Blind Children; Int Met U.; Univ of Phoenix; Grand Canyon Univ.; SorreBonne ; Chair, University Senate Univ of Pgh. (1981-84); Research Associate, NASA (>35 yrs); DoD; DoE; BLM. Affiliations: Syria Shrine Blue Lodge, FAOM #223; Life Member, ADPA/NDIA.Org Arlington, VA; Consultant, Member, Steering Committee, US Air Force Society for Developmental Engineers (SAFDE) Edwards AFB, CA; Member, Aerospace
Medical Society, Founding Member; Aerospace Medical Association Human-Factors Branch; Founding Member, Western Pennsylvania High Technology Council; Awardee (2)/Fellow, Ben Franklin Partnership Foundation; Founding Director (Emeritus), National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center, Chantilly, VA; Founder (Emeritus), National Eco-Counter Terrorism Institute, Alexandria, VA ; Founder/Executive Director, VansForVets.Org, Pittsburgh, PA; Founder/Chairman, Consortium of Southern States Biofuels Producers and Growers (see:; Nominee Tyler
Prize for Environmental Excellence (2016/17) ) ; Nominee NASA Earth Science Subcommittee (; Senior Research Fellow, UMT Inst.for Marine Biotech (; 2013 NASA Invent The Future Contest 3rd Place ( ); Public CV:

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Other Patents Pending or Filed as Applications:
1. Electronic ID Tag using RFID for Humans, K-9’s Horses (Royal Mews Project for HRM Harry)
2. Public Identity Portal (Public Telephones with Biometric, Voice Print/Iris-Scan Identification systems and method of use in public places)
3. RFID-Read-Write Chip used in Cell-Phones
4. NexTrem Body Armor (for extremities)
5. Rapid-Deployable Vehicle Up Armor Kits (RABBIT)
6. Next-Generation Up-Armor Encapsulation Method and Means for Short Cargo Bed Covers for HMMWV’s and LAV’s
7. Fractal Geometric Pattern Designs for Visual Mitigation of Architectures, Structures and Conveyances
8. Food Storage Containers with Dental Appliance Contained
9. Passive I-R Counter-Measure Garment and Method
10. Portable Ionospheric penetration apparatus and aiming/arming means and method.
11. Prillings: Multi-matrix Rocket Fuel with Hydrocarbon Component Matrixes
12. Means, Methods for manufacture of next-generation eco-friendly rocket motor fuels based on liquid theory burn-wave propagation/control and the Coriolis Effect of the Meson Molecule
13. Means and Method of production of natural beeswax containing steviocide compounds, Raub A-E, using indigenous Apis Maliferas
14. Means and Method of production of natural honey containing steviocide compounds, Raub A-E, using indigenous Apis Malifera
For Additional Information, See:
Ben Franklin Partnership Foundation (1982/1984), Fellowship Award (2 Awards)
Carnegie Hero Award (1983)
Entrepreneur of the Year (1994) Touce-Ross/VentureMagazine
Fellow, NASA Spinoff Hall of Fame (1994) Inducted 1996
NASA Spinoff “Mission Accomplished Award”, 1997; Inductee, 2006
Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement (Pending, see: ) for the 2016 cycle.
St. Andrews Prize for the Environment (Short-listed Nominee for the 2014 Cycle)
Honorable Mention (3rd Place, Aerospace and Defense Category): NASA Invent The future contest 2018 cycle:

Entrant George Barley Water Prize 2016 Cycle:″