Matthew Owens

  • Job Title: Founder at Dabface Concentrates and Revo Process Consultants.
  • Company: Revo Process Conusltants & Dabface Concentrates
  • Specialization: Chemistry, Product Development, System design and Manufacturing
  • Location: Sacramento, CA
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Main Page Detail:
Favorite Quote: Be hearty in you approbation and lavish in your praise.
Biography: Matthew Owens Is a highly respected Cannabis industry consultant and business owner. He and his business partners build incredibly efficient systems to help operators and other Business owners keep their competitive edge in an ever advancing and competitive market.

Whether you need help designing a new system, fixing a kink in your chain, or anything else, we’ve been there, done that, and we can help.

The California cannabis industry is comprised of many individual pieces all working closely together within their own restrictions and regulations. It is important to have experienced understanding not only within your own sphere, but as well as throughout the entire supply chain. This will allow you to strategically plan your business to ensure success without unexpected roadblocks.

Regulatory Compliance
Cannabis Licensing
Product Formulation / Custom Flavor Creation
Flavor Creation
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
HACCP (Hazard Areas and Critical Control Points)
System & SOP development
Product development strategies.
Packaging design and Compliance
Flavor and Fragrance development
Distillation system design, we can design and build your dream distillation equipment all with your bottom line in mind.
WFE and SPWFE system design, construction, operation and optimization. Multi- staged systems built to perform.
Post extraction refinement process design, construction, operation and optimization
Extraction process design, construction, operation and optimization
Chocolate and other infused edibles manufacturing
Equipment Integration/ Automation
Process scaling, distillate from liters per day to 100+ liters per hour.
Existing Process efficiency refinement, more product per hour worked.
Existing Process yield loss audits, helping to get more product to the finish line.
Energy recovery retrofits, saving on your energy bill.