Quinn Shiskin

Quinn Shiskin is an innovative technician who has transformed his skills as a dual ticketed Red Seal tradesman into becoming one of the most creative and knowledgeable production managers in the emerging cannabis industry. After becoming a Red Seal tradesman, he founded Red Rain Welding; an industrial construction company, which for twelve years was involved in some of the world’s largest projects in oil and gas mining, construction of high rise buildings, laying of pipelines, and commercial developments. He was determined to succeed and produce quality work often using innovative practices to make sure the jobs were done right.

During his formative twelve years Mr. Shiskin used his down time to research every aspect of the cannabis industry. He studied the cannabis industry and familiarized himself with processing cannabis from seed to oil and he believed in the medicinal benefits and healing power and future possibilities of uses of cannabis. Seeing the industry progress develop so quickly in United States, Quinn sought out knowledge in cannabinoid extraction and purification by taking courses with some of the top cannabis alchemists in the country.

Quinn was able to use his extensive hands on knowledge in cultivation and using his specialty skills he designed and built cannabis extraction equipment to process oils to be used in the medical industry. He is currently the Head of Production at Valens Groworks Corp. Canada’s largest and most diverse extraction company, servicing top tier Licensed Producers.