Roger Brown

Favorite Quote: Enjoy Life
Biography: As President of ACS Laboratory I am ensuring that accuracy, transparency, and customer service are paramount to our testing lab. As an ISO 17025 , CLIA, and more certified lab, we strive for the highest accuracy for medical cannabis testing as well as CBD products made from hemp. Without standards, compliance measures and proper science, cannabis testing would be a guessing game and pose numerous threats to the industry. Ensuring the end consumer receives a safe, non-harmful product through third party independent laboratory testing is vital to any operating cannabis business. There have been dozens of examples of tainted products, purposefully or not, that reached consumers hands by lack of standards, testing and other shortcomings throughout the overall process. Moving forward ACS Laboratory’s focus is to continue to support and enhance the ability for cannabis companies and brands to deliver clean, safe products and do so in a manner that promotes positive standards throughout the industry.