What is Concentration 2019: a Cannabis Extraction Conference

/What is Concentration 2019: a Cannabis Extraction Conference
What is Concentration 2019: a Cannabis Extraction Conference2018-11-06T21:10:53+00:00

So many extraction options.


Cannabis extracts and concentrates are the future, not just of the cannabis industry, but likely of the way in which Earthlings define medicine. The surge of interest from consumers has driven manufacturers to ramp up production. Concurrently, consumers are more cognizant of obstacles like contaminants potentially tainting the products they have sought for relief. The need for starting with clean cannabis for extractions has never been more relevant to meet rapidly escalating consumer demands.

But it doesn’t end there. Regulations consistently evolve, both for extraction facilities, and for the testing labs that declare products they evaluate to be safe. Combine this evolution with the multiple ways to isolate molecules like cannabinoids and terpenes, and the myriad of opinions as to which is best, which is worst, and the jargon surrounding these methods. How does one sift through all of the information? How does one effectively navigate through the options and opinions, to make their product, and therefore, their business better? Stronger? Prosperous?

Now, more than ever, cannabis extractors need to focus on the quality of the products they create. They need to understand how their unique formulations will affect end users. And they need to be able to interpret the data from their testing lab, and recognize when changes are needed.

Enter CONCENTRATION, a ground-breaking new conference and exhibition dedicated to the cannabis extraction and integral analytical testing industries. With this one event, extractors, scientists, researchers, doctors, regulators, and consumers can coalesce, network, collaborate, share, educate, and learn.

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